Phone Usage
3D design
Interactive / Exhibition Design
Protoype Room // 3D Design, Lasercutter & Interactive Design
The majority of us are guilty of using our phones way too much. However, do you really know the extent of your use? How much time you are spending on your phone daily and how many times you pick it up. This project was about getting people to realise their usage and change their phone habits.

I made stamps allowing people to add their daily hour usage to their allocated pick up, post it note. I create the the acrylic boxes allowing people to vote if they were going to now consider changing their phone habits. Overtime you are able to see that on average people were using their phone for 9-12 hours a day & picking it up 200 - 400 times a day!
In addition to this I wanted to emphasis how much we are picking up our phones. I created a phone pick up counter using an arduino that was placed central on the table below. A large majority of people that came to see my exhibtion unknowingly instantly picked up the phone, which triggered a counter. Overtime this number increased dramatically and it was clear this is a habit because the phone did nothing but was being unconsciously picked up by people.